教育学博士,主修教育管理, introduced in 2014, is designed to train teachers, researchers, and administrators to become effective educational leaders and knowledge and skills equipped school administrators in all levels of education. Specifically, 这个项目的重点是为这些专业人士灌输理论基础, practical knowledge, 并通过项目的不同交付模式来提高研究技能. 

Through this program, 掌握教育管理理论, research on trends, issues, policies, and practices in education, as well as train in managing and evaluating school systems for the improvement of the teaching and learning landscape in the country. The degree will be awarded upon completion of 60 units comprised of 48 units or 864 hours of academic coursework and 12 units of dissertation writing (Dissertation 1 and 2).

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  • Those who are masterate degree holders in the teaching and training workforce who intend to develop expertise in educational management.   
  • 其他硕士学位毕业的专业人士也可申请, 当然,他们会参加桥梁课程, if deemed necessary, 作为进入的必要条件.

The IE-GS seeks to develop research-oriented professionals with an articulated philosophy of education, committed to a life of service for the development of the country in general and learning communities specifically. These professionals include:

  1. Effective teachers who are prepared to take on leadership roles in educational institution;
  2. Educational planners and managers who contribute to the growth and improvement of the educational system to address challenges of diverse cultures;
  3. Competent teachers updated in current trends and methods in teaching multicultural settings;
  4. Special education teachers capable of organizing and managing facilities for persons with disabilities;
  5. 体育管理人员具备先进的教学知识和技能, administering, 体育项目评估;
  6. Creative and efficient educators who use competency and outcomes-based standards and other alternatives modes of instruction delivery, 具备研究技能的, publications, 混合教育技术;
  7. Globally-oriented teachers capable of establishing partnerships and linkages with fellow educational leaders both local and international; and
  8. Service-oriented and environment-conscious educational practitioners who are committed to establish optimum development of the community through community service guided by the ethical practice of the teaching profession. 

Upon successful completion of the 60-unit graduate degree program aimed at developing educators who can effectively function as educational managers and leaders, policy-makers, and school administrators, the students are expected to:

  1. 根据各种历史因素生成组织分析, sociological, philosophical, 和人类学的角度.
    Courses that contribute: EDUC 362, EDUC 363, EDUC 365, EDUC 374, EDUC 366, EDUC 367, EDUC 368, EDUC 369, EDUC 370, EDUC 371, EDUC 363, EDUC 373, EDUC 376
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲,专业, Persuasive communication
  2. Utilize knowledge of educational administration and organization as well as ethical and strategic use of resources in school management.
    Courses that contribute: 教育365,教育366,教育367,教育368
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲,专业
  3. Amalgamate educational management and leadership insights from the emerging practices and innovations in various organizational settings.
    Courses that contribute: 教育370,教育367,教育364,教育368
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲,专业
  4. Keep abreast with the trends, issues, and policies which shapes educational leadership and administration in the national education system.
    Courses that contribute: 教育370,教育367,教育364,教育365,教育368
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲
  5. Lead in the production of scholarly outputs on the advancement and trends in educational management and leadership in indexed journals.
    Courses that contribute: 教育370,教育367,教育364,教育365,教育368
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲, Persuasive communication, Professionalism
  6. Lead in the presentation of scholarly outputs on the advancement and trends in educational management and leadership and international conferences.
    Courses that contribute: 教育370,教育367,教育364,教育365,教育368
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲, Persuasive communication, Professionalism
  7. 参与国家教育管理和领导改革的倡议.
    Courses that contribute: EDUC 365, EDUC 374, EDUC 366, EDUC 367, EDUC 368, EDUC 369, EDUC 370, EDUC 371, EDUC 373, EDUC 376
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲, Persuasive communication, Professionalism
  8. Develop inclusive and research-oriented educational management and supervision program for basic, secondary, and tertiary education schools.
    Courses that contribute: EDUC 365, EDUC 374, EDUC 366, EDUC 367, EDUC 368, EDUC 369, EDUC 370, EDUC 371, EDUC 373, EDUC 376
    与靠谱的菠菜网推荐核心能力挂钩: 批判性思维,解决问题,求知欲,专业

项目完成后, 毕业生可聘为教育政策专家,  researcher, 教育政策的倡导者和实施者, program supervisor, school administrator, and consultant.

Program Curriculum

The doctorate 该项目由18门课程或60个单元组成,涉及教育理论和原则, 课程和教学的理论和过程,趋势,问题,和 教育政策、组织和监督领导、学校 立法、教育政策分析和研究原则.

在这个项目中,学生们将深入学习 了解当前教育管理和监督的问题和趋势 它对国家和10大菠菜网系统的影响和相关性 教育领域的学术成果. This exploration trains 学生成为该领域的专家,并准备他们作为程序或工作 学校管理者在改进国家现行的教育体系.

The students’ learning and progress will culminate with a research output in Dissertation 1 and 2 which are scaffolded by lecture series, round table discussions, 课程期间还有大师课程.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The graduate studies program of the Institute puts premium on in-depth and adequate knowledge and understanding of academic and theoretical frameworks which are translated into research-based academic tasks. This specialized nature of the program prepares the students to become thinking teacher professionals as they collaborate and co-construct knowledge by investigating educational and societal trends and issues using different disciplinal lenses, frameworks and paradigms.  具体而言,该项目将采用以下模式交付:

以满足研究生学习的不同需求, the courses are designed for the learners to collaborate and co-construct knowledge with their colleagues and professors through research-based activities.  这种方法是基于大学的学习范式,其中至关重要, reflective, 培养创造性思维. 

Through this 方法,学生探索和调查教育和社会趋势 用不同学科的视角来理解不同的问题 将他们在不同课程上所学的观点和知识联系起来. In 此外,培养学生理解多种概念的能力 观点和将这些观点整合到更广泛的观点的能力 分析的概念框架. 

The courses 是通过面对面和在线讨论的结合来进行的吗 学习管理系统或靠谱的菠菜网推荐. 面对面的讨论是在 指定课程表,同时进行阅读、视频等学习 学习管理系统提供资料. Likewise, 通过靠谱的菠菜网推荐进行了扩展的评估和讨论.

The courses 是否采用两种教学模式相结合的教学方式 通过各种补充活动获得导师的机会 department. 这些学生还将与其他研究生一起学习 学生和教师通过协商和讨论. 

Assessment and Research

The completion of courses under the program is dependent on the accomplishment of assessment tasks negotiated by the professor and the students for the semester. The program makes use of research-based outputs and community and field exposures as forms of assessments. These course outputs prepare students for the comprehensive examination and thesis writing towards the end of the program. 

The comprehensive examination measures the students’ ability to synthesize their learning throughout the program through a publishable research or an empirical essay. 同样的研究或文章可以进一步阐述在写他们的论文, 授予学位的最后要求是什么. Through these assessments, students will be trained to produce quality publishable research papers and will enable them to understand and appreciate research as a way of life in the teaching profession.

The university offers various scholarship programs for teachers from the government and private institutions as well as alumni of 靠谱的菠菜网推荐.

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